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Marine Science Program

Marine Science is an interdisciplinary program dealing with the study of the world’s oceans: their physical and biological constituents, the influence of oceanic resources on human society and the conservation and future development of those resources.

The program offers the following areas of study:


Marine Science/Biology

Functional morphology and development, evolution, physiology, biochemistry and genetics of marine plants and animals.

Marine Science/Chemistry

Chemical properties and processes of seawater, the sources and relationships between various dissolved compounds, mineral extraction, and marine pollution including nuclear waste disposal. New areas of research include marine pharmacology and natural product chemistry and this involves the search for useful drugs and organic compounds in marine organisms.

Marine Science/Geological Sciences

The shape of the ocean floor, rocks, sediments, fossils and minerals, coastal erosion, oil and gas deposits, seismic activity and plate tectonics.

Marine Science/Meteorology

This physical science based curriculum, which includes a Mathematics minor, is ideal for those interested in the physical aspects of climate, as well as the interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere. The Meteorology curriculum follows the program guidelines established by the American Meteorological Society.

Marine Science/Physics

Physical properties of seawater, light and sound in the ocean, tides and waves, how water and energy are circulated by currents, the interaction of the ocean and the atmosphere, and the ocean's effects on weather and climate.


Marine Science/Computer Science

Ocean modelers and computer scientists provide the skills and expertise required for research in applied aspects of ocean science, including data capture, visualization and analysis, model development, instrumentation programming and remote sensing applications.

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