Two lobster tales: lessons from the convergent evolution of TURFs in Maine (USA) and the Juan Fern├índez Islands (Chile)
Two lobster TURF systems in USA and Chile using small day boats, protecting reproductive and juvenile lobsters, and fishing territories, have addressed the problem of exclusion and expanded lobster populations in recent decades.
  No evidence of increased demersal fish abundance six years after creation of marine protected areas along the southeast United States Atlantic coast
A study using video transects did not observe a higher number of species, density of fished species, or density of Rhomboplites aurorubens inside compared to outside MPAs.
  Male color phase in gag: implications for monitoring sex ratio via visual underwater surveys and port sample observations
A study of gag grouper has shown changes in pigmentation can occur within seconds, which could lead to misidentification and error in estimation of their abundance.
  Distribution and abundance of Panulirus spp. phyllosomas off the Mexican Caribbean coast
A study on abundance and distribution of lobster phyllosomas along the Mexican Caribbean coast indicated that depth, along with year, geographical area, and time of day, were important for early- and mid-stage phyllosomas.